5 iconic football balls in football history

Many people fail to realize the importance of the football ball. Everyone is so focused on the skills and the action of the pitch and nobody really cares about the main tool of the game. Well, the good old football ball has had many iterations in the past. Some were very popular. Below you will get to read more about the 5 iconic football balls in football history.

  1. Adidas Fevernova

Adidas has had its fair share of popular balls for football. But none of the balls can match the popularity of the Adidas Fevernova. This was the official ball used for the 2002 Korea Japan World Cup. It has a very sleek design with a beautifully drawn symbol on it. Also, it’s designed in a specific way. It moves differently when struck. This enabled the players to place some really tricky shots – all for the benefit of the people that watched with admiration. The Adidas Fevernova is truly a magnificent football ball.

  1. Adidas Tango

A pattern already emerges on this list – some of the most iconic football balls in football history are made by Adidas. And the Adidas Tango is truly a remarkable ball. It was used in some of football’s most iconic moments. An example that springs to mind is Diego Maradona moving the ball effortlessly and making fools of his opponents. Also, this is the very same ball that Maradona struck with his hand to score in one of football’s most iconic and controversial moments. Aside from this, the Adidas Tango simply looks good. It’s a great ball and a worthy name on the list of best football balls in the history.

  1. Adidas Roteiro

There’s no way to get things wrong with the Adidas balls. Many of them are truly fantastic. And one of them goes by the name Adidas Roteiro. This was the official ball used for the UEFA Euro Cup 2004. It has a trademark silvery look. This initially put people off as they have never seen an official ball that had a silver color. But once Rooney and Zidane (among others) started scoring beautiful goals with this ball – it was clear that it will become a classic. So, the Adidas Roteiro definitely deserves a spot on the list of the most iconic balls in football history.

  1. Nike Geo Merlin

This ball has gotten to be notorious due to the fact that it was used in a very popular Nike commercial. Chances are that you too have seen the commercials of underground football tournaments between some of the best players in the world – in three vs. three matches. Well, the Nike Geo Merlin was the ball used for these matches and it really became iconic. It’s still used in football matches all around the world.

  1. Nike Geo 800

This ball has gotten the attention of people due to its simplistic design. In an age when people strive to make things as complex and complicated as possible – a touch of simplicity could do wonders. Introducing the Nike Geo 800. This is an all-white ball with the trademarked Nike sign in black, with golden coloring. This is a ball that simply feels good on first touch and many fantastic goals have been scored with it.

In conclusion

So, these were some of the most popular, most iconic football balls in football history. Only time will tell what new designs of balls will come about being the most popular.